The Inflamed Mind is not only a dramatic breakthrough in our understanding of depression. It is an extraordinary exploration of what it is to be human.”

“Erudite, enjoyable, and accessible... The Inflamed Mind confronts the reader with the converging revolutions in neuroscience and immunology that give rise to a new perspective about depression and its treatment.”

"Suddenly an expert who wants to stop and question everything we thought we knew... This is a lesson in the workings of the brain far too important to ignore."

“This is an important book, a hopeful book, for anyone who wants to think about depression in a new way.”

Co-founder and President of Mindstrong Health

“Not so long ago psych-neuro-immunology was regarded with derision within medical circles. Professor Bullmore has been a leading figure in highlighting how wrong that was. As one of the first people to brand themselves as an immunopsychiatrist, Professor Bullmore has shone the light on the crucial link between systemic inflammation and mental illness, creating a paradigm shift in psychiatry.” 

"A great read. This thought provoking book presents inflammation as the major driver of depression. It raises important questions for us all, including how we should practise medicine going forwards and can we restart 'Research and Development' using this paradigm? Highly recommended."

"Professor Bullmore explores how the current division between Psychiatry and the rest of medicine has developed and how we might change that. He puts forward a fascinating theory that attributes depression to inflammation rather than serotonin imbalance as has traditionally been thought. Whatever the truth, this book is a stimulating and interesting read."

“A compelling and highly readable argument that some forms of mental illness are really diseases of the immune system. If Bullmore is right, psychiatry is on the brink of a revolution – the reunion of body and mind.”

“Ed Bullmore provides a clearly written and compelling argument for the importance of the immune system and inflammation in depression. This lively book explains a major frontier in clinical neuroscience that is not only influencing research on depression, but also on schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease.”

“Here is a narrative that tells of exciting new approaches to reducing mental illness while capturing the essence of a powerful strand in fundamental brain science. Even better: it is easy to read without overly simplifying its subject”


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